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Quick Home Fixes You Could Tackle This Weekend!

Below are excellent suggestions for any homeowner, but particularly for home sellers are who planning to put their homes on the market - quick fixes can often pay big dividends when it comes to presenting your home as not only cosmetically appealing, but well maintained, too.  

We all have those little things here and there around the house that we notice sometimes and make a mental note to fix, and them immediately forget about.  Well there's no time like the present, right?  Here are a few quick tips and tricks to get those little items crossed off the mental list!


1.  Squeaks and creaks!  Those squeaky door hinges or floorboards are a lot simpler to fix than you might think!  A simple can of WD40 will take care of pretty much any metal on metal scraping for under $5 and 5 minutes.  For a temporary fix of squeaking wooden floors, sprinkle some regular talcum powder over the affected area and sweep in!  


2. Dust EVERYWHERE!     It's pretty easy to get the dust on your everyday items within arms reach, and hopefully somebody in the house gets around to waving around a rag or duster once a week or so.  But what about that dust on the ceiling fan or blinds.  UGH!  For a quick easy fix, wrap a couple of old socks around a pair of regular cooking tongs and secure with a rubber band.  Then just grab that fan blade of blind and get that dust off of BOTH SIDES AT ONCE!  I know, I'm a little excessively excited about this one, but I've actually tried this and it is amazing and saves SO much time!


3. Stained tubs/sinks/toilets!  Of course, there are products on the market that profess to get rid of hard water stains or rust, and I'm sure a great many of them work just fine.  But if you're looking for a quick, chemical free fix, simply mix equal parts lemon juice, baking soda, and cream of tartar to form a paste, slather it over the stained areas, and let it sit for a while.  After about 30 minutes, you should be able to wipe over the spot with a wet sponge and see those stains disappear!


4. Stuck stickers!  I know it kinda says it right there in the name, but stickers are sticky.  Anyone who has children and has left them alone for 10 minutes with a sheet of stickers knows the pain of trying to remove them from walls, desks, tables, bedframes.......etc etc etc.  There always seems to remain some of that horrible white residue that attracts every speck of dust and hair from the rest of the house like a magnet and turns into a giant mess of yuck.  Pull out that trusty can of WD40!  Just spray the sticker lightly and scrape with a credit card and all that goo will come off in a snap!  This trick also works for those decals for the tub or wall that say on the package "removable" but really are not.


5.  Broken light bulbs!  At some point in time, we all are going to be innocently trying to replace a light bulb only for the burnt out one to come apart in pieces in our hands.  Don't fret!  And DEFINITELY don't try to use pliers or some other metal object to get it out of the lamp.  Instead, grab an uncooked potato, cut it in half, and twist gently onto the broken fixture.  When you unscrew the potato, that broken metal should come out with it, along with any stray glass shards, and your lamp will be good as new and ready to go.


6. Flat pillows :(  I try to replace all our pillows at least once a year at minimum, but in the interim, there is always the dreaded flattening, where every night your head gets closer and closer to the mattress until you feel like your pillow is merely a fabric covered sheet of cardboard.  Take those pillows, couch cushions, or throw pillows outside and lay them in the sun for a while!  Be sure to flip them over after an hour or so to avoid sun fading.  The light and warmth outside will dry out any excess moisture that gets trapped in your pillow and allow that fluffy filling to expand back to it's original shape!


What are some great tips you guys have for fixing those little everyday annoyances?  I'm always up for hearing some good life hacks!






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Quick Home Fixes You Could Tackle This Weekend!
Below are excellent suggestions for any homeowner, but particularly for home sellers are who planning to put their homes on the market - quick fixes can often pay big dividends when it comes to presenting your home as not only cosmetically appealing… more
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